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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Friends of Point Pelee membership entitle me to a discount or free entry to Point Pelee National Park?

No. Point Pelee National Park is legislated to a fee schedule, which is predetermined by the Government of Canada. However, annual park pass discounts are often offered during the months of February and March by Point Pelee. The discount offer will be posted on the Friends of Point Pelee website when it’s available.

How is the Friends of Point Pelee (FOPP) funded?

The Friends of Point Pelee are a self-sustaining charitable non-profit corporation. We do not receive regular or supplementary monies from any sources including Parks Canada Agency or Point Pelee National Park.

Our funding is achieved through the sale of memberships, merchandise, food services and events, as well as individual and corporate donations. Proceeds from these operations and activities are then used to support Point Pelee National Park’s mandate and enhance the visitor’s experience in the park. The shuttle service operations are managed by the Friends of Point Pelee on a cost recovery basis only.

FOPP actively seeks corporate sector sponsorship, and contribution grants for summer student wages, special projects and events within Point Pelee National Park.

What is a Cooperating Association or Friends group?

A Cooperating Association or Friends group is an association that provides visitors with enhanced services and programs and helps generate revenue in support of their Partner Park or Historic Site. Cooperating Associations work with a liaison representative from the site and enter into a Partnering Agreement with Parks Canada. This agreement is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure the needs of both partners continue to be met.

Who are our members?

Our members are made up of individuals and families from the community of Essex County, Canada and many international members.

Memberships are good for one year and require renewal each January 1st. Memberships acquired between September 1st and December 31 will be carried forward to the following year renewal date.